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Zetland aims to offer clients a full service in the fiduciary sphere

Other Services

1. Money Lending

Zetland Hong Kong International Credit is a licensed money lending entity and is useful for clients who may require financing from time to time.

2. Hong Kong Residency and Work Permits

Zetland can assist with obtaining residency in Hong Kong, as well as assisting with work permit applications.

3. Yacht and Aircraft Registration

Zetland is able to assist with the yacht and aircraft registration process in many jurisdictions.

4. Sourcing in China

Due to Zetland’s strong presence in China, we can assist clients in sourcing products and manufacturers.

5. Human Resources

Gemini Personnel is Zetland's sister company, providing temporary and permanent staffing solutions to businesses.


6. Office Establishment

Zetland is able to assist clients with the necessaries of establishing a physical and/or virtual office in Hong Kong, Singapore and China.